The Animals

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The Mobile Farmyard generally includes the following animals.


We usually have a few fancy goat breeds. The curly ones are Angoras. The short haired ones are Boer and Dairy breeds like British Alpine & Saanen


Our mini pigs come in a variety of colours – they are not genetically miniature, rather, they are bred from the smallest of the litters. When born they are about the size of a tissue box. Fully grown, they are the size of a medium dog
Pigs are very intelligent, they like company and can be trained like a dog


We usually have a Jersey bull calf in our farmyard. The bull calf is an orphan from our local dairy farm

Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs originated in South America where the Incas referred to them as ‘cui’, thought to mean little pig. Scientifically, they are rodents.


A male adult duck is called a Drake, and female adult a Duck.

You may notice a duck with a fancy hair-do; this is called a Crested Duck – a variety fast becoming a popular breed.


Adult male chooks are called Roosters, and females a Hen


Rabbits make excellent pets provided they are handled from an early age; i.e. 3 – 4 weeks. From our experience, most dwarf or mini rabbits are not the ideal breeds. We favour the “lop” ear variety.

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